Ascending Leaders

Becoming a Leader in the Business

A career-changing experience that transforms you from manager to business leader while gaining sponsorship from senior leaders.


A transformative opportunity for managers to take their leadership to the next level, expand their influence, and earn sponsorship from senior leaders.

Your Takeaways

  • Leverage insights from coaching sessions, assessments, and multi-rater feedback to enhance your sense of self-awareness.
  • Create a leadership mandate that articulates business needs, communicates a clear and compelling vision, and describes the actions you will take to support your company. 
  • Understand the value of interpersonal influence and discover high-integrity tactics that you can use to navigate organizational politics. 
  • Stake out a position in your industry that is aligned with your company and prepared to withstand attacks from competitors.
  • Assemble a toolkit of strategies that you can use to lead teams through periods of upheaval and uncertainty.
  • Develop skills you can use to understand and resolve interpersonal conflict in face-to-face and virtual settings.
  • Learn how to create and support a culture that maximizes engagement and effectiveness.
  • Illuminate your authentic self by discerning your core values, purpose, and priorities.
  • Work with peers to understand a real-world problem facing your company, design a solution, draft an implementation plan, and present your ideas to senior leaders.
  • Establish a network of trusted confidants and peer coaches that you will rely on for years to come.