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It Started With A Passion For Stellar Performance

Bob Schwieterman launched Stellar Performance from Denver, Colorado in 2011. Back then it was known as Stellar Teams but the mission has remained the same - to develop leaders and teams, and transform organizations through engaging skill-building workshops, inspiring team development, and innovative workplace consulting.

Bob is uniquely qualified to guide and grow Stellar Performance. He possesses a unique set of experiences as a general manager, a consultant, and as the head of a corporate organization development function. During his career, he has successfully delivered workshops, coached leaders, and facilitated team development sessions in four continents that have moved participants to take action for improving organization and personal effectiveness.

Bob possesses a Certificate in Organization Development from NTL Institute. With this foundation, he ensures every Stellar solution is holistic and systemic in design, solving problems so they stay solved.

What Is Stellar Performance?

Stellar Performance comes from Leaders who unleash Teams that do great things for Organizations. Leaders are at the heart of Stellar Performance. They create and sustain Stellar Performance with their actions and make everyone around them better.

Stellar Performance takes pride in creating deep relationships with clients, listening intently to their needs, and ensuring the outcomes of every project are achieved. Our solutions address many diverse and different issues that propel leaders and their teams to new heights.

These services can have significant impact on key company initiatives such as expanding into a new market, reorganizing a key function, or implementing a new business process. Most importantly, it motivates managers and staff, resulting in high morale and low turnover.

Stellar Leaders, Teams & Organizations

We create custom programs for developing leaders, helping them move from functional doer to inspirational leader, able to influence up and across the organization as business partners.

We facilitate sessions for building teams, helping them to form and grow while able to overcome tough business challenges through collaboration, influence, and innovation.

We facilitate innovative approaches for identifying leadership talent, formulating strategy, improving organizational effectiveness, developing work culture, and leading change.

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“The whole purpose of our work is to help every leader, team and organization harness their Boundless potential for greatness, through learning, growth and by over-coming challenges. Like stars in the galaxy, this never-ending cycle creates energy and transfers it to others. As we learn and grow, so does everyone around us.”

Bob Schwieterman, President Stellar Performance


Leaders, Teams, and Organizations