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Leaders are at the heart of Stellar Performance. They create and sustain Stellar Performance with their actions and make everyone around them better. Every one of our leadership development solutions are designed and choreographed to maximize applied learning. No step in the process, module, exercise or discussion is trivial.

Stellar Performance can develop your leaders based on job level, organizational challenge, or affinity group.

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Doer to Leader
Cross the chasm from functional doer to inspirational leader, igniting vision and inspiring team to implement strategy.
Manager to C-Suite
Ascend from functional manager to c-suite leader, establishing leadership brand while increasing potential and sponsorship.
Leaders in Technology
Elevate from technical manager to leader, becoming a business partner and able to influence up and across the company.
Women in Leadership
Transform from manager to leader, accentuating unique and authentic self while gaining sponsorship from senior leaders.
Leaders as Influencers
Increase potential to make a difference in the business through influence allowing great ideas to be heard and implemented.
Coaching for Leaders
Improve self-awareness, performance, and potential using a personal leadership coach and organic process for development.

“Despite the challenges of balancing the program with day to day demands, the experience now looking back was both professionally and personally life changing. I have a new view on myself both as an individual and as a leader and I know that new understanding is impacting the way I am building relationships in my life both here at work and at home.”

Director, Hospitality Industry

Stellar Influence - Coaching Staff Workshop

Motivating & Unleashing Potential

Stellar Influence - Coaching Staff Workshop

Motivating & Unleashing Potential


A career-changing experience that provides you with the roadmap and skills to motivate and unleash potential of staff, using coaching, mentoring, and delegation.

Your Takeaways

  • Learn an approach for motivating and inspiring staff through dialogue while improving innovation and problem-solving.
  • Gain a better understanding from others on your coaching style and its impact on motivation.
  • Practice skills for influencing others through an appropriate balance of telling and asking, grounded by active listening.
  • Cultivate approaches for improving listening while increasing perceptions of empathy and caring.
  • Develop ways to provide feedback for improvement to others, motivating personal change while maintaining self-esteem.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively with clarity on expectations without feeling the need for hands-on involvement.
  • Apply your learning to real coaching issues being dealt with back on the job using an innovative Real-Play activity.
  • Create a personal plan for guiding your development as a leader-coach going forward.

Transformational Results

The process for conducting coaching conversations was very intuitive and easy to apply. While using the Real-Play approach, I was actually able to figure out how to handle difficult staff issues during the workshop.”
Workshop Participant


Giving feedback is a very difficult endeavor for me. The facilitator helped me reframe how I can do it with confidence and meaning, and using clear, concise language. The workshop was very helpful for me.”
Workshop Participant


Day 1
AM Workshop Introduction
Roadmap for Motivating Staff
Best Uses & Downsides of Coaching
My Coaching Style
PM Coaching Real-Plays On-the-Job
Giving Feedback & Delegating
Workshop Closing
EVE Departure

Culture of Real Dialogue

Experts define the culture of an organization as “the way things get done.” Unfortunately, in many organizations, managers use a “Tell” approach. While this is typically fast and efficient, research shows it demotivates staff and decreases innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Most importantly, it stifles individual development of staff. Forward-thinking organizations create a culture of real dialogue, which instills the skills of Tell and Ask behaviors grounded by Active Listening.


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 Leaders & Staff Needing to Influence Others


1-Day Workshop


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