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Stellar Leader Guide Coaching Process

Coaching for Leaders

Stellar Leader Guide Coaching Process

Coaching for Leaders


A career-changing experience that helps you achieve your personal growth objectives through better awareness of self, full understanding of purpose, reframing of limiting beliefs, and targeted skill building to enhance authenticity and effectiveness.

Your Takeaways

  • Gain a better understanding of how you are viewed by others including your boss, team, peers, and the business.
  • Establish a relationship with an expert leadership coach, helping you re-frame the way you approach problems and barriers to success.
  • Utilize a neutral third party to help make sense of confidential issues without fear of judgment or retribution from bosses and colleagues in your company.
  • Get access to best practices of leadership, applied to the situations you encounter each day on the job.
  • Increase confidence in your abilities as a leader based on practical skills learned for igniting vision, influencing others, inspiring team and implementing strategy
  • Create a personal plan for guiding your development as a Leader going forward.

Transformational Results

Most leaders never have the opportunity to work with a coach and that provided so much value to me. Not that a coach has all the answers but they help you to see that you have the answers. This is so empowering and validating.”
Workshop Participant


Effective coaching builds awareness and removes the excuses. Coaching will help you replace those excuses and limiting beliefs with empowering dreams, and boost your self confidence.”
Farshad Asl, Author, The “No Excuses” Mindset: A Life Purpose, Passion, and Clarity

Leader Guide Process

Growth Objectives Coach, Leader and Boss set growth objectives for the process.
Coaching Contract Coach establishes contract setting roles, commitments, and timeline.
Assessment & Diagnosis Coach administers chosen assessments to better diagnose Leader’s traits, capabilities, and skills, and the perceptions of key stakeholders.
Development Plans Leader with guidance from Coach, creates a robust development plan that will achieve established growth objectives.
Targeted Coaching Coach conducts 1:1 sessions with the Leader, focused on development plans.
Outcome Evaluation Coach, Leader, and Boss review process outcomes and progress towards achievement of growth objectives.

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At A Glance


Rising Leaders


Typically 4-9 Months


Based on Growth Objectives as Defined by Leader

Each Month

One Scheduled Meeting Per Month
Unlimited Adhoc Meetings, Phone Calls, Emails


Customized to Improve Self-Awareness


Public: $1,250/Month


Leaders, Teams, and Organizations