Increase the potential of your team by setting strategy, roles, and processes, and building accountability with high trust.

Stellar TeamBuilder Workshop

Forming & Developing Great Teams

A facilitated process and set of tools that help you launch your team and guide it through the accomplishment of its mission, using a collaborative approach to building commitment, passion, and team unity.


  • Dramatically speeds up the effective launch of your team.
  • Helps to clarify the understanding of roles and accountabilities among team members.
  • Creates better, more collaborative working relationships among team members, generating high motivation and satisfaction.
  • Provides perspectives and techniques for accomplishing small wins through fast-failure and risk-taking.
  • Brings conflict out to the forefront, where it can be dealt with productively, while improving trust.
  • Increases your team’s ability to influence up and across the organization to achieve its purpose.


“The Stellar TeamBuilder Workshop allowed my team to work collaboratively on improving the vision and mission of the PMO, and how we can influence others in the company to better utilize our services.”

Director PMO, Publishing



  • PURPOSE – Does the team have a clear and compelling purpose, and an actionable strategy?
  • APPROACH – Does the team utilize effective process and task approaches?
  • TALENT – Does the team have the right skills in the right places at the right times?
  • STRUCTURE – Does the team have an effective structure that promotes high performance?
  • COLLABORATION – Does the team have all members working together to achieve the purpose?
  • INTEGRATION – Does the team manage the white space across the business?


The Stellar TeamBuilder is targeted for teams that need assistance with orchestrating a speedy launch, setting shared goals and aligning them to business needs, establishing roles, dealing with relationship or teamwork breakdowns, improving innovation, and influencing up and across the organization. Implementing Stellar TeamBuilder is a four-step process.

STEP 1: Assessment

For existing teams, the process typically starts with the Stellar Team-360 Survey, an assessment measuring how effectively the team operates, generating a prescriptive approach for the design of the team development process.

STEP 2: Design

The design for the team development process is created collaboratively with you, to ensure it meets the intended outcomes. It often includes the use of diagnostics to help team members understand role definition, accountabilities, work styles, and barriers to problem-solving and innovation.

STEP 3: Work Session(s)

The team development sessions are conducted so that the learning occurs while the team is doing “real work in real time”. Session delivery occurs in time blocks that are most conclusive to team productivity.

STEP 4: Follow-Up

The team creates and/or updates its Team Development Plan at the end of each session, documenting what actions are necessary for continuing its path of improvement. Finally, the team completes an evaluation documenting perceptions and progress.


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