Stellar Influence - Work Style

Working Productively With Others


Stellar Influence - Work Style

Working Productively With Others


Learn how to engage more productively with others through better understanding of the needs and contributions of unique work styles.

Your Takeaways

  • Learn a framework for influencing others based on individual work styles.
  • Assess the best uses and downsides of each work style.
  • Determine which work styles you use most and least often, and how this impacts your ability to influence others across the business.
  • Apply the framework to influencing challenges you are dealing with back on the job.
  • Create a personal plan for how you will manage work styles as an influencing strategy going forward.

Transformational Results

My biggest take-away was how to modify my style to better influence others based on their styles. My style is hardwired and without a conscious effort to influence differently, I fall into my way of doing things pretty quickly.”

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