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Stellar Influence - Thinking Preferences

Working Productively With Others


Stellar Influence - Thinking Preferences

Working Productively With Others


A career-changing experience that provides you with the roadmap and skills to engage more productively with others through better understanding of unique thinking preferences.

Your Takeaways

  • Learn an approach for influencing others based on individual thinking preferences of Analytical, Practical, Relational, and Experimental.
  • Gain a better understanding of how others perceive your thinking preferences and how it ipacts your relationships with them.
  • Assess the best uses and downsides of each thinking preference.
  • Determine which thinking preferences you use most and least often, and how this impacts your ability to influence across the business.
  • Practice simple yet powerful techniques for working better with others, leading to improved outcomes in your work.
  • Utilize the framework to address the needs of your team including launching new projects, defining roles, solving problems, and communicating among members.
  • Apply the framework to influencing challenges you are dealing with back on the job.
  • Create a personal plan for how you will manage thinking preferences as an influencing strategy going forward.

Transformational Results

My biggest take-away was how to use my thinking preferences to better influence others based on their styles. My preferences are hardwired and without a conscious effort to influence differently, I fall into my way of doing things pretty quickly.”
Workshop Participant
Thinking Preferences is a perfect fit for what I need to do with my marketing project team. We are struggling with role and communication issues. I can't wait to share this model with them and see if we can work better together.”
Workshop Participant


Day 1
AM Workshop Introduction
Roadmap for Managing Preferences
Best Uses & Downsides of Preferences
My Thinking Preferences
PM Taking a Stand on Preferences
Thinking Preferences of Teams
Managing Preferences On the Job
Workshop Closing
EVE Departure

Thinking Preferences

The Herrmann Whole Brain® Model is a metaphor emphasizing the interconnected (“whole”) nature of how people think utilizing four quadrants. People have the ability to use all four of these quadrants; however, there are individual preferences for using some over others. Those preferences, based on the dominance of specialized thinking processes, form the basis of the Whole Brain model which is measured via the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI).

At A Glance


Leaders & Staff Needing to Influence Others


1-Day Workshop


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HBDI Thinking Preferences

Coaching Sessions

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Public: $1,250/Participant
 On-Site: Custom Pricing

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