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Stellar Influence - Coaching Staff

Motivating & Unleashing Potential


Stellar Influence - Coaching Staff

Motivating & Unleashing Potential


A career-changing experience that provides you with the roadmap and skills to motivate and unleash potential of staff, using coaching, mentoring, and delegation.

Your Takeaways

  • Learn an approach for motivating and inspiring staff through dialogue while improving innovation and problem-solving.
  • Gain a better understanding from others on your coaching style and its impact on motivation.
  • Practice skills for influencing others through an appropriate balance of telling and asking, grounded by active listening.
  • Cultivate approaches for improving listening while increasing perceptions of empathy and caring.
  • Develop ways to provide feedback for improvement to others, motivating personal change while maintaining self-esteem.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively with clarity on expectations without feeling the need for hands-on involvement.
  • Apply your learning to real coaching issues being dealt with back on the job using an innovative Real-Play activity.
  • Create a personal plan for guiding your development as a leader-coach going forward.

Transformational Results

The process for conducting coaching conversations was very intuitive and easy to apply. While using the Real-Play approach, I was actually able to figure out how to handle difficult staff issues during the workshop.”
Workshop Participant


Giving feedback is a very difficult endeavor for me. The facilitator helped me reframe how I can do it with confidence and meaning, and using clear, concise language. The workshop was very helpful for me.”
Workshop Participant


Day 1
AM Workshop Introduction
Roadmap for Motivating Staff
Best Uses & Downsides of Coaching
My Coaching Style
PM Coaching Real-Plays On-the-Job
Giving Feedback & Delegating
Workshop Closing
EVE Departure

Culture of Real Dialogue

Experts define the culture of an organization as “the way things get done.” Unfortunately, in many organizations, managers use a “Tell” approach. While this is typically fast and efficient, research shows it demotivates staff and decreases innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Most importantly, it stifles individual development of staff. Forward-thinking organizations create a culture of real dialogue, which instills the skills of Tell and Ask behaviors grounded by Active Listening.


At A Glance


 Leaders & Staff Needing to Influence Others


1-Day Workshop


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Coaching Sessions

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Public: $1,250/Participant
 On-Site: Custom Pricing

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