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Stellar Team Builder

Forming & Developing Great Teams


Stellar Team Builder

Forming & Developing Great Teams


A facilitated process and set of tools that help you launch your team and guide it through the accomplishment of its mission, using a collaborative approach to building commitment, passion, and team unity.

Your Takeaways

  • Provides a framework for great teams that can deliver on commitments as trusted business partners rather than order-takers.
  • Dramatically speeds up the effective launch of the team.
  • Helps to clarify the understanding of roles and responsibilities among team members.
  • Creates better, more collaborative working relationships among team members, generating high motivation and satisfaction.
  • Provides perspectives and techniques for accomplishing small wins through fast failure and risk-taking.
  • Brings conflict out to the forefront, where it can be dealt with productively while improving trust.
  • Increases the team’s ability to influence up and across the organization to achieve its purpose.
  • Improves engagement and sense of belonging among team members.

Transformational Results

The Stellar Team Builder Workshop allowed my team to work collaboratively on improving the vision and mission of the PMO, and how we can influence others in the company to better utilize our services.”
Director PMO, Publishing


The facilitators will take you on a journey that will help you lead across and be viewed as trusted partners in the business. This workshop is an important investment in your professional and the leadership team’s development.”
Director IT Enterprise Tech Delivery


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