Understand your development needs and get expert personalized coaching to unleash your leadership potential.

Stellar LeaderGuide Coaching

Coaching For Leaders

A career-changing experience that helps you grow the skills you need to move to the next level of leadership.


  • An increased Understanding of Yourself through assessments, peer feedback, and 1:1 coaching.
  • A relationship with a skill leadership coach, helping you re-frame the way you approach problems and barriers to success.
  • A neutral third party to help make sense of confidential issues without fear of judgment or retribution from your bosses and colleagues in your company.
  • Access to best practices of leadership, applied to the situations you encounter each day on-the-job.
  • Increased confidence in your abilities as a leader based on practical skills learned for setting strategic direction, implementing strategy , managing team, and managing self.
  • A Personal Plan for guiding your development as a Leader going forward.

LeaderGuide Is All About YOU

  • It is confidential, just you and your coach.
  • It is tailored to meet your leadership growth needs.
  • It is results-oriented.
  • It is done based on your schedule, and there is no time away from your job to attend multi-day workshops.

LeaderGuide PROCESS

LeaderGuide PROCESS

  • Coach & Leader set growth objectives for the coaching process.
  • Coach administers a chosen assessment(s) for the Leader to better understand traits, capabilities, and skills.
  • Coach conducts a series of interviews to better understand the perceptions of key constituents.
  • Coach & Leader review the assessment and interview feedback to understand constituent perceptions.
  • Leader creates a robust development plan reflecting the most important skills to be developed.
  • Coach conducts 1:1 sessions with the Leader, targeted to specific development plans.


An important component of this workshop is a comprehensive assessment of the skills necessary to be an effective leader in a technology function. This assessment provides each participant with tangible feedback from key constituents and a framework for understanding what it takes to be an effective leader in a technology function.

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