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Stellar Leading With Purpose Workshop

An Approach for Knowing & Being Authentic Self


Stellar Leading With Purpose Workshop

An Approach for Knowing & Being Authentic Self


A life-changing experience for discovering your authentic self and using it to fulfill your purpose at work and in life.

Your Takeaways

  • Complete a discovery phase to fully understand your authentic self and how it can be used to increase effectiveness and fulfillment in your professional and personal life.
  • Self-explore and utilize colleagues to fully understand learning from your upbringing and life lessons, and to gain clarity on your core values.
  • Uncover your true purpose and determine how it will serve as the foundation and central organizing theme in your life.
  • Establish a framework for your work and life choices, ensuring your energy is fully directed on achieving your goals.
  • Learn how to say no to others, setting boundaries that preserve your time for what matters most to you.
  • Learn how to be mindful, eliminating negative self-talk that sabotages self-perception and degrades your confidence.
  • Take a stand on being authentic, summarizing your authentic self and plan for achieving your goals going forward.
  • Establish a network of people who can serve as peer coaches and accountability partners for years to come.

Transformational Results

I came into the workshop without many boundaries on how others interact and work with me. As I uncovered some of my purpose, I realized the need to please others is time-consuming and a never-ending task, all while not advancing anything for me. I now have a plan to reset my approach starting with getting some of my needs met over others.”
Workshop Participant
It was inspiring and challenged you to think about legacy, the value you bring, how you are perceived by others, and how you can be more effective and authentic. The closing ceremony was very special, emotional, and moving.”
Workshop Participant


Day 1
AM Workshop Introduction
Know Self Phase
  • Learn from Upbringing
  • Learn from Life Lessons
  • Clarify Values
  • Uncover Life Purpose
PM Be Self Phase
  • Make Work & Life Choices
  • Set Boundaries
  • Reframe Self-Talk
Take a Stand on Authentic Self

Workshop Closing

Authentic & Effective

During the workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to better understand and live as an Authentic person in your professional and personal life. You will plan and learn skills for achieving your goals, providing a feeling of fulfillment rather than inadequacy and disconnection. When you are Authentic, you give way to needing to be perfect. Striving to be perfect is a never-ending task leading to feelings of inadequacy and disconnection. As a leader in the organization, your family and your community, you can only be successful through authentic interaction with your constituents, with the confidence that you are making a difference in your actions and without needing to be perfect.

At A Glance


Leaders and Staff at All Levels


1-Day Workshop


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Coaching Sessions

Optional Session Post Workshop


Public: $975/Participant
 On-Site: Custom Pricing

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