Stellar Tech Leads Workshop

Leading & Inspiring Technical Teams


Stellar Tech Leads Workshop

Leading & Inspiring Technical Teams


Learn skills to move from doer to the tech lead role.

Your Takeaways

  • Gain a better understanding of the tech lead role and the traits and skills necessary to be successful.
  • Establish a leadership mandate, which includes the business reason and need, vision, and actions necessary for you to lead and implement changes to your team’s mission.
  • Learn perspectives and practice techniques for building collaborative teams that aim for small wins through fast failure and risk-taking.
  • Cultivate techniques for engaging and motivating all levels and types of technologist to implement your leadership mandate, utilizing coaching and feedback while productively managing conflict.
  • Develop a guide for how you will lead your team in an authentic and effective way.
  • Establish a network of other leaders who can serve as trusted advisors and peer coaches for years to come.
  • Create a personal plan for guiding your development as a tech lead going forward.

Transformational Results

It was very helpful to understand the skills needed to be an effective team leader and compare my self-evaluation with the perceptions of my peers in the workshop. This set the path for what I needed to learn in the workshop.”


The leadership simulations highlighted what is important in my role: the importance of small wins in a project, the importance of good communication during all stages of a project, and the benefits of using the creative ideas of all project members.”

At A Glance


Business Analysts
First-Line Managers
Project Managers
Tech Leads


1 Day


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Public: $975/participant
In-House: Custom Pricing

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Workshop Agenda

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