Stellar High-Potential Technology Leaders Workshop

Becoming A Leader In The Business

A career-changing experience that transforms you from technical manager to business leader and puts you on the fast track for increased responsibilities.


  • An increased Understanding of Yourself through assessments, peer feedback, and 1:1 coaching.
  • A fully articulated Leadership Mandate, which includes the vision and actions necessary to move your part of the business to the next level of performance.
  • Perspective and techniques for Influencing Outside of your Function and dealing with Organizational Politics, Trust and Work Styles.
  • An approach for utilizing your Authentic Self when influencing the business and leading your team.
  • A Simulated Experience as a member of a fictitious yet realistic CIO team.
  • A Network of Peer Technology Leaders who can serve as trusted advisors and peer coaches for years to come.
  • A Personal Plan for guiding your development as a leader going forward.


“This was the most useful and dramatically impactful business learning session I have ever attended. It far exceeded my expectations and it captured the principles and the essence of business leadership with abundant insight and practical knowledge. It was highly interactive and fun. The facilitators are true masters at this craft, and they’ve been there before.”

Director Application Development, Logistics

“Awesome experience! The workshop was rich in thought-provoking discussions, intensive self-discovery and invaluable feedback. I walked away with a greater understanding of where I am as a leader and where I want to be... but even more importantly, how to get there.”

Senior Technical Manager, Retail



An important component of this workshop is a comprehensive assessment of the skills necessary to be an effective leader in a technology function. This assessment provides each participant with tangible feedback from key constituents and a framework for understanding what it takes to be an effective leader in a technology function.

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