Stellar LeaderCoach Workshop

Coaching & Motivating Staff

A career-changing experience that helps you motivate staff and unleash their potential through dialogue and coaching.


  • An increased Understanding of Yourself through assessments, peer feedback, and 1:1 coaching.
  • An approach for motivating and inspiring staff and teams through dialogue while improving innovation and problem-solving.
  • Targeted feedback from direct reports about your coaching style and impact.
  • Skills for influencing others through the balancing of Advocacy and Inquiry.
  • Unique approaches for improving listening while increasing perceptions of empathy and caring.
  • New ways for providing feedback to to others, motivating personal change while maintaining self-esteem.
  • Application of learning to real coaching issues being dealt with back on-the-job using an innovative Real-Play activity.
  • A Personal Plan for guiding your development as a LeaderCoach going forward.


“The process for conducting coaching conversations was very intuitive and easy to apply. And using the Real-Play approach, I was actually able to figure out how to handle difficult staff issues during the workshop.”

Business Liaison Manager, Hospitality

“Giving feedback is a very difficult endeavor for me. The facilitator helped me reframe how I can do it with confidence and meaning, and using clear, concise language. The workshop was very helpful for me.”

Director, Project Management Office, Insurance



Experts define the culture of an organization as “the way things get done.” Unfortunately, in many organizations, managers use a “Tell” approach. While this is typically fast and efficient, research shows it demotivates staff and decreases innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Most importantly, it stifles individual development of staff. Forward-thinking organizations create a culture of real dialogue, which instills the skills of Advocacy and Inquiry for motivating and influencing others to get things done.

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