Stellar Influence Workshop

Leveraging Organizational Politics With Integrity

Reframe your mindset and skills, allowing you to influence up and across the organization with high confidence and integrity.


  • An understanding of organizational politics and why it is a necessary part of the business environment.
  • A framework for navigating organizational politics with high confidence and integrity.
  • An Organizational Savvy Assessment identifying your strengths and improvement areas for influencing others.
  • Strategies for acquiring power allowing you to get your good ideas heard and implemented.
  • A plan for developing your strategic network, advocating for you throughout the organization.
  • Balanced ways to promote yourself ensuring your individual and team’s accomplishments are noticed.
  • Strategies to detect and handle sabotage by others who are not using politics in an ethical way.
  • A personal plan for influencing others going forward.


“This was a great workshop! I enjoyed interacting with people from other parts of the company and to find out where and how they deal with politics. That interaction was very helpful in formulating how I should deal with politics in my area of the company.”
“Politics is not a dirty word. Now I understand how I can use influence with integrity for the benefit of the company.”
“This workshop not only prepared me for dealing with corporate politics but reassured my faith in doing it with high integrity.”
“Stellar Influence is truly one of the best leadership courses I have attended. I will definitely use the strategies as I go forward in my career.”


Stellar Influence Workshop

An important component of this workshop is an assessment of the skills necessary to effectively influence in the organization with confidence and integrity. The tactics for influencing include Character, Awareness, Practice and Protective Strategies.

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