Client Successes

Bob Schwieterman, President of Stellar Performance, conducted a lunchtime work session, Influencing with Authenticity for global publisher LexisNexis on September 12, 2017. The LexisNexis Women Connected group hosted the event and it was attended by over 60 employees.

The 2-hour presentation focused on the root cause of frustrations from being unable to get good ideas heard in the workplace or worse yet being told one's influencing techniques are not consistent with authentic self. The solution was use of a method for observing the world and reacting to it, based on the dynamic relationship of Body, Emotion, and Language.

Work Session Description

There is a troubling trend in business -- more and more, business leaders are influenced by rational analysis, i.e. what can be scientifically proven. Plus, the importance of intuition, emotion, and spirituality are being diminished in the art of influence. By attending this session, you will learn a better approach for getting your good ideas heard while being true to your authentic self. Being authentic means bringing your unique Ontology or “way of being” to every influencing conversation - the presence you hold, the language you use, and the emotions you experience and display.

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