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Stellar Workshops

We meticulously design each workshop to ensure your learning outcomes are met. Most importantly, we see a workshop as more than just learning some new skills. The totality of the event helps participants grow as individuals and teams, increases their sense of belonging, and improves collaboration. Learning using real work in real time creates a force for change that renews organizaitons.

Participants Speak Highly About Stellar Workshops

This program was life-changing and a very rewarding experience. I loved that the entire group consisted of women, all high performers and achievers who struggle with the same issues as I do in today’s business environment. The one-on-one coaching is very valuable and focused on individual development plans. This was the absolute best training I’ve attended in my career.”
Project Manager

Our Workshop Design Transforms Participants

Engaging Facilitators

Our facilitators bring content to life. They've been in your shoes and know what it takes to be successful and work hard to establish relationships with each participant.

Network & Learn From Others

Our learning modules include peer activities to help make sense of unique situations. Understanding that others have the same challenges is critical to learning.

Hands-On Simulations

Research confirms that learning happens best from doing. We create realistic and engaging simulations that help participants try out new skills.

Increased Self-Awareness

It is estimated through research that 50% of what we believe about ourselves is not how others perceive us. Being self-aware is the foundation of development.

Stay Authentic Yet Effective

There is nothing worse than having your core values hijacked by your company. You can only be fullled by being authentic in how you lead and work in your company.

Increased Sense of Belonging

The future impact to workshop participants is more than the skills learned; it is the collective influence the cohort has across the company going forward.

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“Given exceptional business growth, we have made substantial investments to grow our business through key initiatives and the leaders whose teams implement them. Stellar Performance is helping us create a new generation of up-and-coming leaders, through customized development programs, ready to take our business to the next level.”

VP Org Effectiveness, Hospitality Industry
High-Potential Development Programs

Workshop Delivery Formats

We offer six formats for workshop delivery, maximizing your flexibility and matching it appropriate with the learning needs of participants.

  • Deliver at a local training facility
  • Attended by employees from multiple companies
  • Best when you need participants to be exposed to new thinking
  • Delivered at your training facility (on or off company premises)
  • Attended only by your employees
  • Best when you need to get many participants through a workshop with need for connection and team-building
  • Delivered via webinar with live instruction in a set timeframe
  • Attended only by your employees
  • Best when you need to get many participants through a workshop at lowest cost
  • Delivered in multiple stages with learning modules delivered in multiple formats, all guided through a training portal
  • Attended only by your employees
  • Best when you need to manage costs but still increase connection among participants
Deliver it Yourself
  • Delivered by your learning and development professionals using Stellar's materials
  • Attended only by your employees
  • Best when you want to get many employees through a workshop at lower cost with a proven method while having maximum control of the agenda
1:1 Coaching
  • Deliver on-site and via video conferencing
  • Attended by only one or a very small group of participants
  • Best when you need a high-potential leader to get 1:1 attention and higher cost of delivery is justified by the impact of the process


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