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Stellar Blended Delivery

Stellar is able to deliver workshops using its Blended Delivery format. In recent times, many training companies are proclaiming they deliver programs virtually. Dig deeper into those claims and you’ll discover they will simply deliver the workshop using a webinar approach over one or two blocks of time, usually three to six hours. This creates little to no interaction or learning, and the participants simply get sore from sitting for an extended period of time!

Stellar Blended Delivery is different. Workshops are conducted in live full-group 2-hour sessions over the course of several weeks. The entire experience is guided by Stellar’s Learning Portal and includes pre-work assignments completed individually online and post-work exercises completed in small groups after each module.

Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values

Leadership Model, Competencies, Behaviors

1 Prepare

Establishing tailored learning goals, completing pre-work, and preparing for high engagement.

  • Manager Engagement
  • Learning Goals
  • Program Format
  • Contract & Commitments
  • Program Pretest

2 Learn

Improving self-awareness and initial understanding of models and tools for mastery of competencies.

  • Awareness Assessments
  • Individual Prep Exercises
  • Small Group Assignments
  • Video Teach Sessions
  • eLearning Modules

3 Apply

Internalizing the learning and applying it to everyday leadership and job role challenges.

  • Virtual & In-Person Sessions
  • Simulations
  • Executive Discussion Panels
  • Learning Partner Exercises
  • Small Group Assignments

4 Assess

Evaluating the completion of program milestones and mastery of competencies.

  • Program Posttest
  • Manager Evaluation
  • Learning Partner Debrief
  • Learning Journal Completion
  • Development Plan Update

5 Transform

Integrating all learning experiences, activities, networking, and coaching into formation of new self.

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Final Development Plans
  • Manager Coaching
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Post-Program Assignments

The learning portal allows participants to access workbook materials, pre-work assignments, post-work exercises, testing, group communications, and a development planning tool. Using this approach will ensure a better overall learning experience through higher engagement and most importantly, create better levels of connection between participants.

  • Empowers participants to capitalize on their most effective learning styles.
  • Increases accountability with the establishment of roles and commitments.
  • Improves collaboration through multiple levels and types of activities.
  • Allows for on-demand learning for an untethered workforce.
  • Employs the learning benefits of a flipped classroom.

Don’t accept virtual workshops. Instead, go Blended!

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“The future impact that Stellar graduates have is the combination of the new skills learned and applied to each leadership role, and the collective influence of the group across the company going forward.”

Bob Schwieterman, President, Stellar Performance

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