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Developing Stellar Leaders

Stellar utilizes a proprietary framework for developing leaders and their teams, validated by researchers at Colorado State University. Our framework provides a simple yet effective roadmap for development based on Five Domains of Leadership Excellence.

  • Stellar Leaders Ignite Vison, Influence Others, Inspire Team, and Implement Strategy, achieving great results for their organizations.
  • The foundation for Stellar Leaders is producing results by being authentic yet effective, while utilizing excellent habits and making smart work-life choices.
  • Every Stellar Leader has the potential to ascend to greatness, creating energy through their leadership actions and spreading it to others.


The Stellar Leaders domain serves as the foundation of the framework and as a North Star to guide day-to-day actions in all aspects of life. Stellar Leaders are self-aware, understanding perceptions about them and actively developing themselves to improve effectiveness. Stellar Leaders have a clear understanding of their leadership purpose and the values that drive it, ensuring they act and lead authentically as a role model while being effective in their roles. Stellar Leaders create good habits, make smart work-life choices, are approachable, and manage up appropriately. Most importantly, Stellar Leaders accomplish goals and tasks while persevering through resistance and setbacks.


Stellar Leaders know the business and have an understanding of the vision, strategy, operating plans, and external customers. They can identify the implications of the business strategy and focus on critical priorities. Stellar Leaders create and communicate a compelling vision in partnership with stakeholders. Stellar Leaders strategically build an organizational culture that fosters creativity and innovation. Finally, Stellar Leaders design systems and practices and have the talent in place to manage their own area from a distance without undue intervention.


Stellar Leaders excel at forming and unleashing the collective talents of their teams. They inspire teams to accomplish what was thought as not possible by creating an environment where every member can be heard and uniquely contribute. Stellar Leaders customize communications to ensure each team member understands the message. They clarify roles and responsibilities and delegate work with the appropriate level of oversight. Listening, coaching, providing helpful feedback, and managing conflict are all important traits practiced by Stellar Leaders to inspire team members.


Stellar Leaders garner endorsement through demonstrating respect and integrity while building trust with stakeholders. They build relationships for accomplishing goals through formal and informal networks. Stellar Leaders interact confidently with stakeholders and respond to their needs. They influence stakeholders to support and endorse vision yet are willing to be influenced based on collaborative exchanges with others. Stellar leaders astutely manage politics and conflict and are able to distill complex information into simple concepts. In difficult times, they are willing to stand up for ideas in the face of opposition.


Stellar Leaders work tirelessly to implement the strategy, solicit feedback, and adjust plans in accordance with organizational or external changes. They assemble teams with an effective blend of characteristics including knowledge, skills, and traits. Stellar Leaders problem-solve, while providing advice and guidance for their teams and make decisions confidently in ambiguous and uncertain conditions. They create strategies for achieving small wins through fast failure and risk-taking. In the end, Stellar Leaders deliver on agreed upon goals, standards, and deadlines set.

Our Stellar Leader-360 will provide your with perspective on how you are perceived by others in each of the Five Domains of Leadership Excellence. The survey consists of 50 questions across 15 leadership dimensions.

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