Stellar utilizes a proprietary framework for developing leaders and their teams, validated by researchers at Colorado State University. Our framework provides a simple yet effective roadmap for development based on Five Domains of Leadership Excellence.

Stellar is able to deliver workshops using its Blended Delivery format. In recent times, many training companies are proclaiming they deliver programs virtually. Dig deeper into those claims and you’ll discover they will simply deliver the workshop using a webinar approach over one or two blocks of time, usually three to six hours. This creates little to no interaction or learning, and the participants simply get sore from sitting for an extended period of time!

We meticulously design each workshop to ensure your learning outcomes are met. Most importantly, we see a workshop as more than just learning some new skills. The totality of the event helps participants grow as individuals and teams, increases their sense of belonging, and improves collaboration. Learning using real work in real time creates a force for change that renews organizaitons.


Leaders, Teams, and Organizations