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The Stellar Teams Difference

Life Changing
You will learn how to lead in our workshops through real-life simulations and networking with leaders from other great companies.
Our insightful coaches make sense of and advise on your unique leadership and business challenges.
On Point
Organizational Assessments
We diagnose and improve your organization’s culture, ability to change, and engagement.

Our solutions address many diverse and different issues that prevent your leaders and their teams from optimizing impact in the organization, such as:

  • New first-time managers who are having trouble crossing the chasm from doer to leader.
  • High-potential leaders with no defined path for moving to broader levels of responsibility.
  • Staff who are not able to deal with organizational politics and influence effectively up and across the organization.
  • An important cross-functional team that is unable to deliver what it said it would.
  • Inability to properly integrate a recently acquired company that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the organization.

These kinds of issues have a significant impact on key company initiatives such as expanding into a new market, reorganizing a key function, or implementing a new business process. Most importantly, it creates frustrated managers and staff, often resulting in low morale and high turnover. In today’s competitive, global environment, companies simply cannot afford to waste time and energy on the wrong things.

Our products and services encompass four main disciplines:

  1. We develop high-potential leaders.
  2. We transform team leads and first-line managers into leaders.
  3. We form and develop cross-functional teams.
  4. We facilitate the process by which leadership teams create strategies, develop effective work cultures, and lead wide-scale changes.
  5. We possess special expertise in certain industries such as publishing, oil/gas, and healthcare, and certain job disciplines such as technology.

Leaders, Teams, and Organizations