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Leadership Development Framework - Overview

We are pleased to introduce the updated Stellar Leadership Framework. This simple yet effective model is the foundation of our approach to leadership development. You can read more about the Stellar Leader-360 here, or watch the video below.

The Stellar Leadership Framework was designed and validated by the Stellar team and researchers at Colorado State University’s Department of Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Recent updates to the framework have further clarified the Five Domains of Leadership Excellence, established subdimensions within each domain, and aligned the framework more closely with the Stellar Leader-360 Feedback Assessment.

Here's a look at the updated Domains of Leadership Excellence:

Ignite Vision: Stellar Leaders appreciate the present and plan for the future. They understand why their companies currently stand out from the crowd, but they also know that organizations must evolve and change over time. Stellar Leaders emphasize the benefits of proactive experimentation over reactive adaptation. They encourage others to do the same by demonstrating perspective, setting direction, and supporting innovation.

Influence Others: Stellar Leaders see the networks of relationships that are embedded in every team, unit, and company. More importantly, they understand how valuable those networks are. Stellar Leaders use networks and soft power to manage organizational politics, establish executive presence, and cultivate strong collaborative relationships.

Inspire Team: Stellar Leaders take a holistic approach to cultivating successful teams. Once they’ve established the right blend of talent, Stellar Leaders invest their time and energy on three things: managing work, sustaining relationships, and supporting development.

Implement Strategy: Stellar Leaders successfully implement their strategies and operational plans because they are pragmatic and attentive. They lead their teams through ambiguous and risky situations with confidence. Even under pressure, colleagues know that they can trust Stellar Leaders to produce results, make decisions, and solve problems effectively.

Illuminate Self: Stellar Leaders guide their companies, colleagues, and themselves to achieve boundless potential. They contribute to company-wide success whenever possible, but their commitment to developing themselves and others is what sets Stellar Leaders apart. Stellar Leaders illuminate themselves and those around them by leading authentically, developing themselves, and acting with intention.

This framework allows Stellar Performance to provide valid and reliable assessments, workshops, and performance improvement tools. During our leadership development programs, we guide leaders through the framework, helping them to better understand their current capabilities and plan to reach their boundless potential.

Interested in using the Stellar Leadership Framework with your team or organization? Contact us to learn more about our leadership development programs.

If you would like to read more about the initial completion of the framework, it can be viewed in the press release.

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