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Leadership Development Framework - Overview

Stellar Performance is pleased to announce that it has completed and since updated its framework for developing leaders. The framework was developed collaboratively and validated with the help of researchers at Colorado State University’s Department of Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

The framework consists of Five Domains of Leadership Excellence.

  • Ignite Vision: define the reality of the business and establish the Leadership Mandate to move the business to the next level of performance.
  • Influence Others: receive endorsement from key stakeholders on the Leadership Mandate and the commitments to implement it.
  • Inspire Teams: form and develop the team(s) to successfully implement the Leadership Mandate.
  • Implement Strategy: motivate and managing the team(s) through the implementation and ensure the outcomes are achieved.
  • Stellar Leaders (Lead Self): be authentic as a leader, make good work-life choices, and develop the resiliency to make a difference in one’s professional and personal life.

This framework allows Stellar Performance to provide valid and reliable assessments, workshops, and performance improvement tools. During a Stellar Performance workshop, you will be guided through the Five Domains of Leadership Excellence and also spend time creating a plan to Lead Self, the core of the framework and the North Star for you as a leader.

If you would like to read more about the initial completion of this framework, it can be accessed at the press release.


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