A transformative opportunity for women to refine leadership skills, earn sponsorship from senior leaders, and cross the chasm from “functional doer” to “inspirational leader” in an authentic and effective way.

Your Takeaways

  • Leverage insights from coaching sessions and assessment reports to enhance your sense of self-awareness.
  • Create a leadership mandate that articulates business needs, communicates a clear and compelling vision, and describes the actions you will take to support your company.
  • Strengthen your ability to coach, mentor, and delegate work to your staff in engaging and motivational ways.
  • Understand the value of interpersonal influence and discover high-integrity tactics that you can use to navigate organizational politics.
  • Develop skills you can use to understand and resolve interpersonal conflict in face-to-face and virtual settings.
  • Discuss the unique challenges facing today’s women leaders and identify ways you can take ownership of your career ambitions with or without formal support.
  • Illuminate your authentic self by discerning your core values, purpose, and priorities.
  • Establish a network of trusted colleagues and peer coaches that you will rely on for years to come.   
  • Get exposure to senior leaders and cultivate sponsorship for your hard work and ideas.