About Us

Our Stellar Story

A Passion for Stellar Performance

During his career as a general manager, consultant, and head of a corporate organization development function, Robert recognized the value of effective and authentic leadership across all levels of an organization. In 2011, he founded Stellar Performance. The mission was simple: to unlock every leader’s boundless potential.

Robert’s unique experience has allowed him to grow Stellar into a truly exceptional leadership development firm. He has spent decades learning how to use a wide array of methods, tools, and frameworks for developing leaders, teams, and organizations. Robert is an internationally experienced workshop facilitator, ICF-accredited leadership coach, and holds a certificate in Organization Development from NTL Institute. He is also certified in well-established, validated assessments, including the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Suite, and the Denison Organizational Culture Survey. Robert’s appreciation for great tools shines through in Stellar’s approach to leadership development. Stellar takes time to understand the “big picture,” then use a blend of personalized instruction and validated methods to deliver lasting results for our clients.

Robert’s appreciation for personal authenticity is an important driving force behind his work with Stellar. While there are standards that apply to leaders across roles, functions, and organizations, Robert also believes in treating leaders as people – individuals with their own values, purposes, and goals. Our programs provide opportunities to reflect on what it means to be an effective leader at work and in life.

What We Do

What is Stellar Performance? It’s the result of a chain reaction – effective leaders inspire and enable teams, whose momentum spreads across the organization.

Our solutions are designed to kick-start that chain reaction and propel leaders, teams, and organizations to new heights. These services can have a significant impact on key company initiatives, including expanding into a new market, reorganizing a key function, or implementing a new business process. Most importantly, our work helps drive motivation, morale, and commitment to organizational success.

Areas of Practice

At Stellar, we take pride in being strategic partners to our clients, listening intently to their needs, and ensuring that each project meets expectations. Our team includes experienced consultants, talent professionals, facilitators, coaches, and researchers from across the world. Since 2011, Stellar has delivered transformative public and private workshops and leadership development programs. We have worked with leaders at all levels, ranging from first-time leaders to company executives.

custom programs

We create custom programs to help leaders move from “functional doer” to “inspirational leader,” influence up and across organizations as business partners, and lead with authenticity.

help teams to form, grow, and succeed

We help teams to form, grow, and succeed together using collaboration, influencing skills, and innovation to overcome tough business challenges.

design processes

We design processes that address organizational issues including formulating strategy, improving organizational effectiveness, developing work culture, and leading change.

"The purpose of our work is to help every leader, team and organization harness their boundless potential through learning, growth and by overcoming challenges. Like stars in the galaxy, this never-ending cycle creates energy and transfers it to others. As we learn and grow, so does everyone around us."

Robert Schwieterman, President Stellar Performance


Leaders, Teams, and Organizations